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Who We Are

MRS Gunma = Motoyasu + Renée Sawazaki in Gunma

We do our best so you can do yours!

We are a family-based wellness business in the heart of Japan. 


Motoyasu & Renée work lovingly together along with their children and pets, who hold and share wisdom beyond their years.

Renée is an educator, therapist and master energy healer who loves using her approach of practical spirituality to bring light into your life.


Motoyasu is detail-oriented and manages the company and his family with love.

Meet the MRS Gunma Team 

What We Do

Anti-Aging Detox & Rejuvenation Programs

We create and manage healing spaces for people to experience a truly healthy and rejuvenating environment. Stay at one of two unique classic Japanese home rentals for vacations, quiet work time or wellness retreats in the heart of Japan.

We educate people on practical tools to not only prevent illnesses, but to have amazing vitality and super relationships.

Through Shungite Body Care radical energy healing, we clear and detox the physical and quantum energies that block you from living at your highest potential.

Be the best you that you can!

Why We Do It

We do our best, so you can do yours

We know that global peace and a clean environment can only be attained by healing you first.


You were born with a purpose and are to experience a great variety of things. Without blockages and in perfect harmony, you are free to be your authentic self. 

You are not here for pain, sickness or lack. We provide opportunities for your minds and body, both physical and quantum, to evolve quickly into a high state through super practical and lightning fast ways.


MRS Gunma、President

  • Born, raised and currently residing in Gunma.

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in law and education from Teikyo University, Tokyo.

  • Over thirty years of service to society through employment at transportation companies and linens for the hospitality industry.

  • Director of Rainbow Families and Wordland Literacy Center and English Library, nine years.

  • Community youth group leader, 2 years.

  • Leader of nation-wide meditation group, Sai Maa Enlightened Living Group, 2 years.

  • Participant in deep transformational healing programs guided by Her Holiness Sai Maa since 2014.

  • Owner and President of MRS Gunma: Japan National distributor of Canada's Anti-Aging Alliance Inc. shungite for therepeutic use. Manager of two classic Japanese homes for private rental and healing space: Mitsuba House and Kiyomizu House. 

  • Awesome husband and father of two. 

Motoyasu Sawazaki (澤崎 基保)

Meet the MRS Gunma Team 

Renée Sawazaki (澤崎 レネイ)

Shungite Body Care Practitioner & Shungite Consultant

Wellness Coach & Inspirational Speaker

✤  Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California (1969-1991)

✤  University of California, Berkeley: BA in Economics and Minor in French. Semester abroad in Paris and Toulon, France (1987-1991)

✤  Resided in Kyushu (1991-3), base of Koyasan, Wakakayma (1993-4), and Takarazuka, Hyogo (1995: Shaken out by the Kobe Great Hanshin Earthquake)

✤  SIT Graduate Institute (School for International Training), Vermont, USA MA in Teaching English (SMAT 13, 1994-5)

✤  Resident of Annaka, Gunma (1995-present)

✤  27 years language teaching and professional experience in Japan. Taught from pre-school to university, active in professional associations, published and edited textbooks, gave lectures and workshops, created programs and an English library, and managed a Saturday school for bilingual children. (1991-2018)

✤  One-year sabbatical in California State University East Bay’s Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism (April 2010 - March 2011)

✤  Studied and practiced transformational energetic healing, Vedic traditions and esoteric teachings under the guidance of H.H. Sai Maa (May 2013 - present)

✤  Attended and assisted at transformational energetic healing programs offered by the Office of Sai Maa, USA and Japan (May 2013 - April 2019)

✤  Principles in Transformational and Energetic Healing Internship Program. Studies and practices of Eastern and Western therapies under the guidance of Mary Sise, LCSW. Certificates for Levels 1, 2, 3 (US, Jan 2014 - Dec 2016)

✤  Rainbow Kids Yoga Instructor certificate (Sept 2016)

✤  Magdalena Healing Practitioner Program participation. Non-certified. Under the guidance of Reiko Maa, née Reiko Dewey, Director of Sai Maa Japan               (Japan, April 2017 - Jan 2018)

✤  Kiyomizu Spa Director & Shungite Consultant at MRS Gunma (April 2017 - present)

✤  Shungite Body Care Practitioner using shungite, transformational energy, dōTERRA essential oils and Himalayan salt. MRS Gunma (Jan 2018 - present)

✤  Inspirational Speaker. Her topics include, among many more

     -  Career success from the perspective of an American in Japan

     -  Living a clean and green life

     -  Transforming your journey from limitation to liberation

     -  Healthy choices for youth

MiMi Gunma Design Team

Handcrafted in Takasaki


We design and create our shungite works in a peaceful area surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Gunma. We are delighted to share them with you.

Midori's Creations

Accessories with gemstones and stainless steel parts, hand painted tiles, pyramids and sphere bases and discs with hand-tied straps 

Miyuki's creations

 Pouches for shungite pads with an practical "teabag case" designs and high-quality quilted and non-quilted fabrics