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Vacation & Retreats in Gunma

Soak in the essence of japan

Rejuvenate with the Healing Power of Nature and Beauty

Retreat in the holiday getaway region of choice for residents of greater Tokyo


An abundance of ...

· hot spring onsen spas

· fruit orchards

· mountain ranges

· master craftspeople's ateliers

· temples and shrines

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Our Story

Rather than investing a huge amount of funds to build a luxury retreat from scratch that would require a high-end price tag, MRS Gunma chose to privately invest in two exquisite properties made with carpentry and wood that is irreproducible in our modern age, and spent seven years bringing them to modern standards for guest comfort without compromising the original feel of the estates. 

Our vision of sustainable tourism and regional development embodies the approach of using the existing retreat resources that Gunma has offered its neighboring city dwellers for hundreds of years and making the connections so they are accessible to our expat and inbound sisters and brothers. 

Gunma’s rich resources as a unique circular valley encompassed by three mountain ranges (somewhat like an upside-down pyramid) lends itself as the idyllic oasis of hot springs, forests, fruit orchards and artist’s ateliers that create the canvas for our retreats. 

Off the densely populated Golden Route tourist path that millions of Japan enthusiasts traverse, our region, now dubbed the “New Golden Route” is cracking open the doors to inbound and expat guests so they can fully benefit from the rich resources of our region, and we are the pioneers of this movement.

Having three decades of experience in the travel industry, MRS Gunma knows Gunma is not your typical tour route destination. The arts, nature and heritage of this precious region is to be sipped and savored like a fine wine. Just a 1 hour Shinkansen train ride from Tokyo, Gunma holds parallels with California’s Napa Valley, the wine country retreat of choice for Bay Area residents and San Francisco visitors.

Our vision is for expats residing in the greater Tokyo area to have an option for their weekend getaway ~ revive and return invigorated to engage in the demands of everyday life and work.  And, for our inbound guests, they can combine a slow-paced rejuvenating experience in Gunma as the main goal of their vacation, or combine it with tours of Tokyo or Kyoto to experience the excitement of Japan’s major cities ~ Like a Yin and Yang balanced vacation.

Healing Power of Nature & Beauty

MRS Gunma Retreat
Oasis of Peace In the Center of Japan


Personalized Plan

Art viewing & workshops

Japanese garden meditation Homestyle cuisine

Mindful lake walk

Temple & shrine visits

Hot spring onsen spa

Mountain ranges


Private Retreat

Extend your stay and lodge in a historic estate of nobility, Kiyomizu House.

Dive deep into this oasis of peace

in the center of Japan.

Solo, family or small group retreat planning.



We work with you to customize an experience that suites your travel schedule and expense budget.

Our region is known for the highest quality living at reasonable costs. Our style reflects that.

Garden Patio Room

Book Your Trip

Guests choose from three styles of booking:

① Day Trip Retreat

② Multiple Day Retreat, including lodging

③ Retreat plan added to existing lodging booking via an online travel agency

Regardless of style, we want to know about you and your retreat dreams....It all starts with taking a few minutes to let us know via this online form.

If you've come this far, why not go the whole nine yards and click below...The first step to making your dream of a rejuvenating stay in an oasis of peace in Japan come true.

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