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For families or friends who want to socialize at a beautiful vacation home in a resort area just north of Tokyo, Kiyomizu House & Mitsuba House are ideal choices. Scroll down to learn about our traditional Japanese villas and the extensive amenities and services we provide. 

You can also visit the individual Kiyomizu House and Mitsuba House pages for more details, photos and videos.

Although we can take direct reservations and are listed on most major online travel agency sites, we highly recommend booking on Airbnb.

Our style of personalized hospitality matches their philosophy the best, and they have been our partner since we first opened our doors to guests in 2016.


Please take a look, and if you like what you see, we would love to meet you in person! Happy vacation planning ♡

If you are on the fence and wondering if its a good match, or simply have a question, we're only a call or email away.


WhatsApp: +81-70-3172-2110 


Kiyomizu House & Mitsuba House

offer spacious living and garden areas for families and groups to socialize, relax and enjoy their vacation in Japan.

Located in Gunma, a family-friendly region full of art, culture, recreation and thriving industry.

Read on to learn more about these historical vacation homes and this very unique region right in the center of Japan.


We accept direct reservations and are also listed on major online travel agencies (Airbnb, Trip Advisor, Expedia,、Booking、 and others. 

Located along the New Golden Route, guests can use their Japan Railways Hokuriku Arch Pass or travel directly from Narita and Haneda Airports reasonably and easily via highway bus.

Local guide support available.


Our vacation homes are well-equipped for self-catering & have lots of fun supplies for group meals: BBQs, electric hot pots, takoyaki makers and more. Like a B&B, we cook Japanese-style breakfast per request. We also cater lunch & dinner and can suggest local markets, eateries, restaurants and make reservations. Free shuttle service for shopping available


Our vacation homes are a little different than most in that we can host large groups and aim to provide the amenities and comforts guests might expect from a ryokan inn or hotel. So, our list of amenities and household goods is extensive. We hope our manual helps our guests familiarize themselves with our lodging prior to their stay. If you have any questions, concerns or request, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're happy to customize our services to suit specific needs.

2 futons in first 8-mat room_up close_Mitsuba House..jpg


"Socializing and connecting" is our goal for the experience we provide our guests. We always keep this in mind as we continually improve our lodging services and facilities.

Even though the modern Japanese elegance of Mitsuba House is quite a contrast to the Japanese folk essence of Kiyomizu House, for both we choose decor that is inviting, comfortable and practical.

It is our goal to have our guests have all the detailed amenities they may need while having iconic Japanese traditional arts and household goods in every part of the house. Whether our guests live in Japan or have traveled from overseas, we want them to feel immersed in Japanese culture during their stay and leave feeling a little closer to traditional Japan.

Motoyasu & Renée's 25th anniversary portrait_engawa_3.29.2023.jpg


​MRS Gunma の活動

Making Connections

​「MRS 」は澤崎基保&レンネご夫婦の名前のイニシャルです。第二人生として2016年〜2023年まで、7年の歳月をかけ2件の宮大工作りの空き家を大人数が快適に泊まれる貸切交流の民白宿「きよみず邸」と「みつ葉邸」としてスタートさせ改装しながら民泊設備として整えました。

​♡ 資金が乏しかったのですが絶対この歴史的な建物は一家族の住まいのためではなく、多くの人々が利用するべきと思いました。諦めずにコツコツ準備とおもてなしをし技術を身につけました。

​♡ 準備期間中にお客様からの収入を無駄なく利用して、少しずつ今の設備ができてとっても感謝してます。

​♡ 地域の​仲間のご協力を得ながら二人の「手作りおもてなしスタイル」を始めました。設備、清掃、料理、名刺とこのウエブサイトでも二人の心を提供しております。


​♡ 家族旅行:大切な家族の時間を楽しく過ごせる場

​♡ 団体旅行:深い親睦を築ける場

​♡ 出張:ビジネスの成功のサポートを提供する場

Bubbles and baby pool_Mitsuba_6.4.22.png
Kiyomizu and Mitsuba House Brochure_7.2023.jpeg.p1.jpg
Kiyomizu and Mitsuba House Brochure_7.2023.jpeg.p2.jpg

MRS Gunma Vacation Estates
Kiyomizu House & Mitsuba House

For Your Dream Vacation in the
Countryside of Japan

Kiyomizu House

Silk heritage castle town estate near Ikaho Onsen


❀ Lovingly renovated wooden silk mill in a fascinating historic castle town

❀ Adjacent to Japanese gardens, samurai house & thatched roof water mill

❀ Short stroll to onsen, museum, lake & castle grounds

❀ BBQ, self-catering & meal service options

❀ Family-friendly amenities, WiFi, laundry, parking

❀ Free shuttle and local guide services in English and French

❀ Lots of sightseeing & nature

❀ Mt Haruna-Fuji & Ikaho 30min・Tokyo 2h

Mitsuba House

Elegant Estate near the resort areas of

Isobe Onsen & Karuizawa


Spacious estate with a castle-like exterior and modern, traditional and comfortable Japanese interior

❀ Breathtaking garden and mountain views

❀ Short stroll to the historic Isobe Onsen village (1.5km)

❀ BBQ, self-catering, and meal service options

❀ Family-friendly amenities, WiFi, laundry

❀ Train station shuttle and local guide services in English, Chinese and French

❀ Lots of sightseeing & nature. Go hiking, golf, skiing

❀ Karuizawa 40min・Tokyo 2h

Mitsuba House Profile Photo 10.2021.jpg

MRS Gunma
Vacation Estates

Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki in Gunma

Owners and Hosts


+81-90-8490-4669 (Motoyasu Sawazaki)

+81-70-3172-2110(Renée Sawazaki: Phone or WhatsApp)

8am~8pm JST (UTC+9)



Kiyomizu House 

707-2 Nishiakiya, Misatomachi, Takasaki, Gunma, Japan

Kiyomizu House on Google Maps


Mitsuba House

630-1 Hitomi, Matsuidamachi, Annaka, Gunma, Japan

Mitsuba House on Google Maps


​Welcome to Gunma!

Kiyomizu House, Mitsuba House, or both?

Thank you for your interest in Kiyomizu House and Mitsuba House. They are located a 35-minute drive from each other, so you can enjoy both styles and neighborhoods if you choose. Unlike ryokan inns and hotels, your group has the entire spacious and comfortable vacation home to yourselves. As it is privately owned and managed by a Japanese-American couple who live nearby, you have the peace of mind of knowing you will be well taken care of before and during your stay. 

Why vacation in Gunma and Karuizawa?

During your stay, you can enjoy touring around Gunma and Karuizawa. Karuizawa, a resort town in Nagano just over the mountain from Mitsuba House, is upscale and offers phenomenal nature, museums and shopping. Gunma is famous for onsen hot spring resorts in the distinctive mountain ranges that link throughout its periphery in a ring. Being at the very center of Japan, it holds an important role in Japanese economics, politics and industry. With this, Gunma is home to world-class cultural and spiritual sites, art museums and music halls, a conference center and major corporations. With a strong Christian influence, Gunma has a large expat population, but is just in the beginning stage of developing support for inbound guests. 

Ideal family vacation destination

The abundance of infant, child and elderly facilities in Kiyomizu House and Mitsuba House reflect the region's emphasis on family care. Book a stay with your family or friends with the comfort of knowing you will have the resources you need. Your job during your vacation will be to enjoy. 

Gunma is super family-friendly, and a great destination for traveling with little ones. As it is close to Tokyo, it is said the women had to work as many men commuted to the city. This led to the world-class female-led silk industry which created the foundation for modern industries such as aerospace, IT, automobile, food, agriculture and more. Its gender equality socio-economic structure lent itself to creating a region that maintains its natural aesthetics, arts and cultural assets while continually modernizing and developing.


For those wishing to experience all the classic and modern aspects of Japan, you can do it all in beautiful Gunma:

❀ Rejuvenate in hot springs, saunas or a sand bath spa, get a massage or experience exquisite Japanese nail art.

❀ Family-friendly sightseeing and recreation such as food and silk factory visits, traditional craft making, safari park, train and other amusement parks and lots of playgrounds with long roller slides and bouncy domes.

❀ Enjoy easy activities like fruit picking, walking around or pedal boating on lakes, ice fishing, cycling through rice paddies, and visiting museums, shrines and temples.

❀ Gunma’s plethora of foothills and rivers provide the perfect conditions for adventure sports shuch as hiking, rafting, bungee jumping and canyoning.

Solo Retreat

Our vacation homes are on the Nakasendo route near posts that provided wellness reprieves for weary travelers. Don't just learn about what others did hundreds of years ago, strengthen your body and boost your spirits and return home with a smile on your face. 


Many women post-pandemic are choosing to treat themselves to a solo rejuvenation holiday. Since the majority of women in Gunma work and know the importance of self-care, there are more cars, salons and spas per capita than any other region of Japan. So, it is easy to get around, there are wellness services within minutes, and it is very safe. Renée. a local guide or one of her English-speaking Japanese friends would be happy to assist solo travelers to achieve their wellness vacation goals ~ male or female ~ we do not discriminate!

Come to Gunma for a dose of "happy" ♡


To be guided, or not guided? That is the question


When Renée was studying international economic development at UC Berkeley, everyone wanted to learn the Japanese business model and management methods ~ How did this tiny country manage to pull off the phenomenal growth of the Bubble Era? Renée came to Japan in 1991, just two weeks after graduating, seeking answers. She soon learned that there is a mysterious quality to this culture, and that hints of truth lie buried here and there in layers of elements. A group of Japanese historians held their retreat at Kiyomizu House in the fall of 2022. The leader taught Renée that it is an unwritten rule in Japanese history not to straightforwardly write the truth. Historians have to be sleuths to unveil the past, and do so respectfully.

This is the true beauty of Japan.

This leads us to that ubiquitous question: Do you humbly walk side-by-side with a guide? In a nutshell: It is highly recommended. Japan is a country of connections ~ It's literally all about who you know and personal introductions. Even our local Japanese guests who have chosen a staycation at our home express their appreciation for Renée's early morning walks through neighborhood historical sites they otherwise would not have known about. Of course, many groups have specific plans, such as a golf tournament, river rafting or a conference, and are with us only to enjoy a BBQ and spacious rooms. For those who wish to explore the area, and in our experience, that includes 100% of our inbound guests, the difference in their experience walking around with Google Maps and being with a local is like night and day. It's all about being connected with the community. In shopping for a coming-of-age day kimono, Renée's 19-year old daughter was shocked at the radical difference in her treatment ~ In a shop where Renée has decades-long connections, the staff flocked around her, dressed her in various styles ~ basically a Julia Roberts Pretty Woman transformation experience. In contrast, when they entered a store for the first time, the shopkeepers cooly let them be. This is not discrimination, it's simply the Japanese way, and especially in the countryside where roots run deep.

With that, Renée offers what she calls her "Countryside Concierge" and cultural experience services. She is delighted to share any information about local sites, make spa or restaurant reservations, and even go around the area with any guest who requests her assistance or accompaniment. She has been doing this for guests since 1995. Renée's specialty is hands-on cultural experiences with guests. If you want to take a sand bath spa, go to a mountainside onsen, paint kokeshi dolls at a master craftsman's atelier or see all the parts that go into putting on a kimono, Renée is the guide for you.


We are delighted to announce that a friendly, experienced and knowledgeable local guides are now available for solo or small group tours around Kiyomizu House and Mitsuba House.

We now have two guides available:


① A native English-speaking guide who is fluent in Japanese and French

② A Japanese guide who is fluent in English

These historic properties offer the ideal lodging for guests who wish to immerse themselves in Japanese culture throughout their stay. If you are interested in an all-inclusive vacation (lodging, meals, hot springs and guide), please contact Renée to make arrangements. 

Kiyomizu living rooms party for 9_fusuma view.png

Transcend space and time at this gorgeous

historical estate

6-mat room with mother-of-pearl table.jpg

Pamper yourself in ultimate

Japanese elegance

How to make a reservation

Kiyomizu House or
Mitsuba House

Guest Information

  • To assure our guests' needs are met and their vacation home is set up according to their requests, communication prior to arrival is essential. To assist in communication, we have prepared an online Google form. Click HERE to access it. 

  • The reservee will be asked to check the accuracy of the guest ledger and read and sign a Lodging Agreement form at check in. A ¥10,000 cash deposit is that will be returned at check out is also requested.

Lodging Fees
(tax included)


  • Basic fee:40,000円/night 1〜4 guests

  • 10,000円/extra guest

  • Same fees year-round

  • 0-1 year olds free​

  • 10,000円 cash deposit at check in

  • 【Kiyomizu House】Maximum 16 guests 

  • 【Mitsuba House】 Maximum 12 guests

  • Completely private ~ one booking per night


【BBQ Rental and Service】Fee per day

  • 1 gas grill:5,000円

  • 2 gas grills:7,000円

  • ​Kerosene heater:3,000円


【Catering】Fee per guest

  • Breakfast or lunch........................1,500円

  • Dinner.............................................2,000円

Payment Method

  • Domestic bank transfer

  • Domestic postal bank transfer

  • Credit card (no JCB cards, transaction done securely via phone or WhatsApp call with no paper records, 5% service fee)

  • PayPal, invoice emailed, 5% service fee

Cancellation Policy
for phone reservations

  • 30 days or more prior to check in:  15% of total lodging fees

  • 15~29 days prior to check in: 50% of total lodging fees

  • Up to 14 days prior to check in: 100% of total lodging fees

  • Applies to both booking cancellation and individual guest cancellation

  • Any transfer fees paid by the guest

※ For booking made via online travel agencies

 Please refer to that company's cancellation policy

Lodging Services & Fees

Lodging Pricing, Amenities - Lodging Fees p1 jpeg.jpg
Lodging Pricing, Amenities - Lodging Fees p2 jpeg.jpg
Lodging Fees
Availability Calendar

Availability Calendar
​きよみず邸 | Kiyomizu House or
みつ葉邸 | Mitsuba House
marked on a date means it is booked that night

Aaron and friends at night BBQ_7.2021.jpg

“Beginning with one of the most welcoming owners I have had, Renée is very warm and extremely sweet. Coming to the mesmerizing property, it was heavenly & cozy. The location around is also astonishingly beautiful. We made amazing & unforgettable memories here. Highly recommended listing. Appreciate Renée san alot!”

Nupur, Mitsuba House

8 guests, Jan 3-5, 2023

Official review

卓球やダーツで遊べる _ Ping Pong & Darts

“Had a great stay at this amazing historic house. Very knowledgeable and friendly host. All amenities were wonderful and met expectations from the posting. She even went out of her way to show us she appreciated us being there. Would definitely stay again.”

Meg, Kiyomizu House

6 guests, July 2, 2022

Official review

For Your Dream Vacation

2 futons in first 8-mat room_up close_Mitsuba House..jpg
Meals Top

Eating at your vacation home

Annin Dōfu Mango Pudding.jpg
Kampai_Manami Ōno's Chinese dinner 12.9_edited.jpg

Meal options at
Kiyomizu House and
Mitsuba House

Both self-catering and catering available

Guests can enjoy the use of the kitchen, dining room, living rooms and terrace for preparation and eating.

There is plenty of cookware, tableware, flatware and condiments for ease of eating at your vacation home.


Guests BBQ_Kiyomizu.jpg

Enjoy good food and good times at your vacation home

Dining table set at Kiyomizu.jpg

Self-Catering and Homestyle Parties

Guests can enjoy a variety of styles during their stay

The owners have spent years collecting beautiful Japanese and American tableware from the Showa era (1926~1989). With the comfortable atmosphere they have crafted, they hope their guests feel more like family than customers.

Kiyomizu 1F Somen dinner.jpg



Large refrigerator & freezer, gas range, microwave oven, toaster oven, rice cooker (10 cups), coffee maker, electric kettle, electric nabe (2 units), takoyaki grill (2 units), gas BBQ grills (2 units, extra fee for rental, set up and clean up)


Salt, pepper, salad oil, soy sauce, sugar, butter, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard,  and more

Other kitchen supplies

Dining trays, luncheon mats, trivets, potholders and more


lLarge collection of tableware, for both Japanese and Western meal styles: Large and small plates, bowls, partitioned plated for BBQing and more


Dinner forks, dinner knives, butter knives, chopsticks, chopstick rests, curry spoons, Chinese spoons, dessert forks, coffee spoons, children's forks, children's spoons


Frying pan, pot, lid, mixing bowl, strainer, kitchen knife, cutting board, peeler, scissors, ladle, spatula, whisk, bottle opener, can opener, wine opener, measuring cups & spoons, zip lock bags, saran wrap, aluminum foil, toothpicks and more

Drink supplies & Glassware

Kettle, large thermoses, iced tea containers, water purifiers, mugs, coffee cups and saucers, teapots, teacups and saucers, plastic children's cups, outdoor plastic mugs, glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses, ice buckets and tongs, and more

Eating at home or in the neighborhood


Gunma is known for delicious fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, chicken, pork and noodles ~ It is a wheat-producing region, so if you love udon and soba, Gunma is the place to go for your handmade noodles fix. Gunma is also known for its fantastic pasta and pizza restaurants.  So, there is a little something for everyone's tastes. Since most people work, eateries, restaurants and convenient stores abound and serve wholesome food at reasonable prices. Gunma residents often eat at the local onsen spas. Imagine ending a long workday with a rejuvenating mineral bath and steam sauna, and being served a homestyle dinner while lounging in sleepware ~ That's life in Gunma.

For casual eating at your vacation home, guests can easily have take-out, bentos, BBQ, hot clay pot, and other meals at the villa. 

For guests who want a private vacation home, but do not want to prepare all their meals or eat out, Motoyasu and Renée offer catered breakfast, lunch and dinner.  See below for details.

 Welcome drinks and snacks

✓ Hungry travelers are greeted with homemade treats and hot or cold drinks, depending on the season.  Renée loves to bake both Japanese and western style tea time goodies.

✓ Guests should let us know in advance if they have any egg, wheat or other allergies.












Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Gluten-free Diets

✓ Japanese value healthy, well-balanced meals and receive their meals with the greeting of "itadakimasu", an expression of gratitude for all who worked to provide their food. With this, self-declared vegetarianism, veganism and gluten-free diets are not concepts that most Japanese can easily understand. It can be challenging to fully enjoy the plentiful and delicious offerings of  Japanese cuisine for those who are not willing to be a little flexible during their travels. 


✓ For vegetarians, it is important to note that standard Japanese broth for miso soup, noodle dishes and simmered vegetable dishes include traces of fish. If possible, it is in the best interest of vegetarian travelers to Japan to be tolerant of this. 

✓ As soy sauce and other Japanese condiments, and even rice crackers generally include traces of wheat, or guests choosing a gluten-free diet, unless celiac, guests might consider making an exception for these items.

✓ Vegetarian meals can be prepared upon request. Renée was vegetarian most of her life, and is quite proficient at cooking plant-based meals. As for vegan, halal and gluten-free requests, Renée will do her best to provide meals that are in alignment with those protocol.

✓ For our guests who need to strictly maintain their diet, we are happy to assist by recommending restaurants and traditional Japanese foods that match their diet, and by reading labels to support them to the best of our ability.


✓ As our vacation homes have extensive facilities for food preparation, it is easy for guests with specific dietary needs to eat well during their stay. In addition, we can provide reusable food containers, bento boxes, cooler bags and ice packs so guests can enjoy their day out with peace of mind.

✓ We can also shop in advance of guests' arrival for convenient snacks like nuts and dried fruits so guests are assured of having the necessary sustinance from day one.

MRS Gunma Catering

✓ When guests request meal service, Motoyasu & Renée do their best to preserve the privacy of a vacation home rental while providing the hospitality one would find in a Japanese ryokan inn or American Bed and Breakfast.

✓ All meal preparation is done off-site, and hot dishes brought in thermal containers at the requested time.


✓ Pre- and post-meal time requires Motoyasu and Renée to use the guests' kitchen and dining for preparation and clean up. Guests are kindly requested not to use those rooms during that time. 

✓ Although they may be able to fulfill last-minute requests, at least a 3-day notice is recommended.

✓ All menus are child-friendly, so please understand that there is no specific child menu or fees.

✓ Since meals are family-style, please order the number that matches the number of guests in your group. For example, for a group of 5, we do not accept orders for 3 guests.


Eating at home


Would you like to stay at a vacation home, but do not want to prepare your own meals? No problem! We serve delicious homemade Japanese-style breakfast, and can cater lunch and dinner

Renée cooking gratin.jpeg
Breakfast Bento_gorgeous_12.2022.png

Breakfast or Lunch

Homemade Japanese dishes and miso soup to give you power to enjoy your day.

【Sample Menu】

Chicken meatballs, cheese & vegetable omelet, braised vegetables, rice, pickles, miso soup, yogurt and tea

Chinese dinner in lazy susan.png


Have fun spinning the lazy susan and choosing from a wide variety of sumptuous vegetable, meat and seafood dishes. 

【Sample Menu】

Vegetables, squid, pork, shrimp, egg; shrimp in chili sauce; sautéed vegetables with pork; Chinese fried chicken; eggplant and ground pork; bell pepper and pork; rice, soup, pickles, almond pudding and tea


Cooked by local Chinese chefs, plus Renée’s almond pudding

Haniwa no Sato produce market

Grocery Shopping


Gunma's moderate climate and lush plains protected by a ring of mountains make it ideal for fruit and vegetable farming.

Gunma is best known for plums, peaches, nashi pears, persimmons,

konnyaku (konjac), leeks, cabbage and wheat.

Pork, chicken and egg farms with ethical practices abound in the foothills.

Each season provides tasty and healthy options for all.


For guests who want Costco treats, there is a store by the highway exit with easy access for our guests who are driving from the city.

If guests have a specific Costco request,

Motoyasu or Renée can pick it up for you before your arrival.




Near Kiyomizu House

There are three supermarkets, one drug store/grocery store, a 7-Eleven and a Lawson convenience store within a 10~15 minute walk. In addition, there are two 100 yen shops (Daiso and Seria), a household goods store (Sanki) and two bento shops (Torihei Chicken and Hokka Hokka Tei), and even a coffee shop (Sprocket and Coffee all within walking distance.


① Fressay is the closest supermarket and most popular among our guests as it has very good quality meats and vegetables. Daiso is located in the same building.  (9am-10pm)

② Torisen is Renée's supermarket of choice as it's prices are reasonable and she appreciates their eco practice of putting local meat in bags instead of on plastic or styrofoam trays. They also have a nice bakery, Purariné, in the store.  (9am-10pm) 

③ Coop, a large supermarket popular in Japan for its healthy foods and original products. This store is located in the Harunamo Shopping Center that includes Seria 100 yen shop, Sanki household goods and clothing shop and Torisen chicken bento shop. This new center opened in 2022 along a major road that will eventually (by 2029?) link the UNESCO World Heritage Tomioka Silk Mill and Maebashi, the capital of Gunma.  (9am-10pm) 

④ Kusuri no Aoki, although a drug store, surprisingly has a decent selection of vegetables, meat and other grocery items at the lowest prices, even for things like yakisoba, milk and yogurt. Located across the street from the neighborhood onsen.  (9am-10pm) 

⑤  Hokka Hokka Tei, bento take out  (9am-9pm) 

⑥ Torihei, chicken bentos. Gunma is known for farm-fresh chicken, and this shop is the largest and most popular in the region. Take out only, but their restaurant is located in the nearby Aeon Shopping Mall.  10am-8pm

⑦ 7-Eleven, Japan's iconic convenience store, located next to the neighborhood onsen. (24h) 

Interesting shopping within a short drive

 Aeon Shopping Mall, 2-level indoor mall with a department store, lots of shops, restaurants, a food court and arcade. (17min drive, 10am~9pm 

②  Kakujyo Fish Market, for sushi lovers, this is the best for take-out. (30min drive, 10am~7:30pm, but the earlier the better  For guests interested in eating sushi out, we recomment Uobei, where your order is delivered fresh on a shinkansen conveyor belt (20min drive, 11am~9:15pm) 


Near Mitsuba House

There are two supermarkets, two produce markets, one drug store/grocery store, three 7-Elevens (one in each direction) and a Lawson convenience store all within a 10 minute drive.


① Yaoko is the fanciest supermarket, and a little more pricey for Gunma, but our guests love it because it's still a lot cheaper than Tokyo! Very nice selection of everything, and has a bakery too. Route 18. About 10 min 

② Beisia Mart is smallish, has all the basics, and is the closest supermarket. On Route 18. About 5 min 


③ Kusuri no Aoki, although a drug store, surprisingly has a decent selection of vegetables, meat and other grocery items at the lowest prices, even for things like yakisoba, milk and yogurt. On the road heading out from Megumi-no-Yu onsen. Next to a 7-Eleven. About 5 min 

Happy shopping and meal time! 😊

BBQ Instructions

BBQ Instructions


【General Information】

✓  If you would like to BBQ, please let us know in advance.  There are two gas grills available, and a heater for cold-weather grilling. 

✓ Motoyasu or Renée set up the grills and amenities on the terrace prior to check in or use, and clean up the grill after you are finished.

✓  Begin no later than 7pm

✓  BBQ & clean up must be completed by 9pm

✓  No other BBQ grills, charcoal, tents or other BBQ/camping goods can be brought in and used.  

✓ No indoor grilling whatsoever. Please do not use the electric nabe pots as grills, or bring your own. Guests are welcome to cook at the stove in the kitchen.

✓ Fees per day: ¥5,000/1 grill・¥7,000/2 grills・¥3,000/kerosene heater


【Set Up】

✓  Only use outside where it has been set up. We have placed water in the pan under the grill. Please do not move, or it may wet the wick and not be able to be used until it dries.

✓ BBQ Amenities: Gas grill with 2 gas canisters connected, 2 extra gas canisters, tools (tongs, spatchulas, chopsticks, scissors, lighter, bottle opener, hot pads), water kettle, garbage bin, recycle bin, broom and dust pan, mosquito repellent and bite medicine, cleaning supplies (cloths, cleaning spray, alcohol, alcohol wipes, paper towels, tissues) 



✓  Turn the knob and then press the red button. If it does not ignite automatically, use the lighter provided.

✓  You can adjust the flame strength after that.

✓  Turn off by turning the knob back fully to the original position, and check that the flame is out.

✓  There should be plenty of gas in the canisters, but if it happens to run out, or any other problems occur, please contact us right away. We provide two extra canisters as back ups.


【Precautions During Use】 

✓  Use the long BBQ utensils provided to avoid burns.

✓  Be careful when using the grill around children.


【Clean Up】 

✓  Remove and throw out the burnt residue and any food particles on and under the BBQ grill plates, tables and ground.

✓  Take in and clean all dishes, cups, cookware and condiments. 

✓  Leave garbage in the bin with lid closed.

✓  Take in recyclables, rinse, remove labels and put in individual PET bottle, glass and can bins in the house.

✓  Spray and wipe the table. Leave the cleaning products outside for us to use.

✓  Close the lid and leave the BBQ as is. Contact us and we will come to clean up the grill. 

✓  We soak the pans overnight outside, and clean and put the the grill back in the storage shed. So, we do not need to enter the house.



✓  Drink responsibly. We do not allow excessive alcohol consumption as this is the primary cause for damage and disturbance.


【Noise・Do Not Disturb Our Neighbors】 

✓  Keep noise level moderate. We realize that when you are having a good time it’s easy to forget you are in a typical neighborhood, and there are no walls separating your voices from our neighbors’ ears. 

✓  No music or singing: Live or recorded

✓ Allowing you to enjoy the yard while maintaining our neighbors’ rights to a peaceful lifestyle is the most challenging aspect of offering our vacation homes for your enjoyment. Please respect our requests for moderate noise levels, and politely respond if we have to remind you during your stay. Thank you.



The owners of this vacation home are not responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused by the use of this grill and the property. By choosing to use the BBQ, the reservee takes full responsibility for their and the other guests’ wellbeing.


~ Stay safe, Eat well, Have fun ~

House Manual
~ Kiyomizu House & Mitsuba House ~

Greetings from the owners and hosts,

Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki


Welcome to our home!

♡ We have created a space for joy.

 Please enter, use and leave with joy.

 By respecting our requests you ensure

everyone has a joyful experience 

General requests in accordance with the

Japan Private Lodging Business Act

✓ Do not disturb the neighbors

✓ Use our property with care & clean up what you use

✓ Communicate well & maintain a respectful attitude

Two requests for our guests


​① To help familiarize you with the unique aspects of our property please read the following House Manual prior to your stay. And, if you make the reservation, please  make sure each member of your group has read the manual as well.  Thanks!

② To easily convey your group's information and requests, please fill out this online Google form by a week prior to your stay.

We are delighted you chose to stay at our vacation home, and  hope you have a great time. If you have any questions or concerns before or during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our most kind regards,

Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki (aka MRS Gunma)

Owners & Hosts of Kiyomizu House & Mitsuba House 

Renée  +81-70-3172-2110

Motoyasu   +81-90-8490-4669  


Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki's
Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration at Mitsuba House


House Manual


【Prior to check in】

✓ Communication

・Talking is the best way to discover your needs and prepare for your stay. We are available via phone, LINE and WhatsApp calls. 

・Use the travel agent’s message service, LINE messages or email.

・We have prepared a Google form so you can conveniently convey your information. Please submit it within a week of your stay. Click here, or you can find the link on our MRS Gunma website’s “Vacation Homes: Kiyomizu and Mitsuba” page.

✓ Communicate your requests for set up, amenities and any special needs.

✓ Inform us of the name, age, address and general occupation of each guest. Unlike hotels where only the reservee needs to provide personal information, our properties are governed by the Japan Private Lodging Business Act, which requires us to register each guest.

✓ For inbound guests, please prepare a copy of your passport to give us at check in. We are required to keep a hard-copy in a secure file. 

✓ Japanese guests and foreign residents of Japan need not show any ID.

✓ If there are any changes in the number of guests in your group, please let us know in advance. Sudden surprises at check in require setting up or putting away futons, towels, welcome snacks and drinks. Our guests and us as hosts have the best experience when everything is set up properly in advance.


【Check In】After 3pm

✓ Let us know your requested check in time, and make an effort to arrive on time. Let us know if you need to change your arrival time. Remember, you are renting our private home, not a hotel. There is no reception with staff. We plan our day according to your requested check in time, so please be aware that any last minute changes affect our schedule.

✓ Please call or message about an hour before arrival to confirm. We will then finalize the set up of the house: Turn on heaters/air conditioners, lights, make hot water and coffee, etc.

✓ Check in procedures (about 10 minutes): All guests should be present at check in time in order to confirm the guest registry. The reservee will read and sign our lodging agreement, and provide a ¥10,000 cash deposit.  We will then show the reservee around the house and answer any questions. 

✓ Early check in (1~3pm):  Requires advance reservation. ¥5000


【Check Out】By 10am

✓ Let us know your requested check out time. If you need to change your departure time, please contact us by 10pm the night before. 

✓ Check out procedures (about 5 minutes) We will check the house for any possibly forgotten items, return the deposit and see you off. 

✓ Late check out (10am~noon):  Requires advance reservation. Not available during holidays. ¥1000/guest


【Noise・Please Do Not Disturb Our Neighbors】

✓ No loud noise or ruckus in the house or yard at any time. This includes excessively loud talking and “whooping”, singing, playing music or any noise that could disturb the peace.

✓ Although you are on vacation and want to have fun, please keep in mind that you are renting a private home in a typical neighborhood. Japanese homes are close together, and noise travels. Please treat our neighbors with the respect that you would treat your own.



✓ Drink responsibly

Although guests are responsible for their own decisions regarding alcohol consumption, please do not drink excessively or get drunk. Drunken behavior is the primary cause for damage, loud noise and complaints from our neighbors. 

✓ The reservee is responsible for the behavior of their group. In order to fulfill this obligation, this person should limit their alcohol consumption. 

✓ Drivers should be cautious of the amount of alcohol consumed during their stay when driving in the morning. Any alcohol levels in the blood could lead to high fines and penalties, and in the worse case scenario, an accident.


【Wall Unit Air Conditioners/Heaters】

✓ Requested setting: Summer: 24〜26°C  Winter: 22〜24°C

✓  Keep the room's doors closed when in use. These machines are made to heat and cool the room they are in, not large areas.

✓  Heat/Cool the bedrooms just prior to going to bed. Rooms are heated/cooled within 5~10 minutes.

✓  Turn off the machines before leaving the house and before checkout. 

✓ Mitsuba and Kiyomizu House have traditional wooden structures and tile roofs, making them cooler than regular houses during the humid summer. We recommend opening the windows and enjoying the natural breeze, especially for our city-dweller guests seeking a countryside retreat.

✓  There are portable electric heaters, humidifiers, heated tables, and portable fans.. Feel free to move them around the house as necessary. Please use them and have a comfortable stay.

【When leaving the house】

✓ Turn off all lights, except for an entry hall light when returning after dark. Turn off the heaters/air conditioners and any other electrical appliances. This includes when using the yard and terrace for an extending period of time, such as for a BBQ.

✓ Close and lock all doors and windows.



✓ Double-padded futons, fluffy comforter and standard Japanese pillows are set up  for each guest according to your room layout request.

✓ Each room has one extra large pillow and blanket for guests who require extras. Please request in advance if you need more. 

✓ One air mattress is available. Please request prior to check in.

✓ Leave your futon unmade and in the same place that you found it at checkout.



✓  You can use the towel set and bag at the house or local hot springs. 

✓  Bring back and leave the bags and towels in the hamper.



✓  Most groups choose to enjoy our neighborhood's natural hot spring “onsen” baths, but guests are welcome to use our large shower room and bath.

✓  Amenities: Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face soap

✓  When taking a bath or shower, please turn on the fan. When finished, please open the wipe down once with the absorbent towel hanging in the room and open the window and shower curtain.


【Toiletries & Supplies】

✓ Hand soap, alcohol spray, cotton pads, Q-Tips, feminine supplies, basic first aid kit



✓ If you use the kitchen, please clean up after yourselves: Dishes, pots, splatters on the walls, garbage on floor, etc. 

✓ Wash dishes well. You can leave morning dishes to dry at checkout or when you leave for the day, and we'll put them away for you.

✓ Cooking supplies: Microwave, toaster oven, rice cooker, pots, pans, 2 electric nabes, 2 electric tako-yaki makers, cooking utensils, large bowls and strainers, chopping blocks and knives, measuring cups and spoons, and more.

✓ Other kitchen amenities: Filtered water pot; Electric hot water pot, kettle, tea bags (black, green, hōjicha and oolong), instant coffee, creamer, sugar; Coffee pot, coffee grounds and filters; Large thermal pot for hot tea; Large containers for ice tea

✓ Condiments and spices: Cooking oil, soy sauce, salt, pepper, butter, jam, yakiniku sauce, ketchup, mustard

✓ Glasses and dishes: Extensive collection of dishes, glasses, mugs, chopsticks, and silverware for adults, children, indoor and outdoor use.

【Ordering Meals】

✓ If you would like to have meals delivered or have take out and need some suggestions, just ask! Gunma is well-known for great food at reasonable prices.



✓ Set up & clean up by Motoyasu and Renée included. 3-day advance reservations recommended. Family-friendly: Menus selected with children’s tastes in mind.