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Mitsuba House
Isobe Onsen Villa near Karuizawa


Welcome to Mitsuba House!

みつば邸 Mitsuba House: Feature
Mitsuba House and Garden Plan 10.7.2021.png

みつ葉邸   Mitsuba House


Mitsuba House Profile Picture_Canva 10.2021.png
2 futons in first 8-mat room_up close_Mitsuba House..jpg





みつば邸 Mitsuba House: Feature
Mitsuba House entry_Renée_2.2021.jpg
Mitsuba front right & gazebo.png
Mitsuba_night gazebo and plants.png
Mitsuba Terrace_gazebo_daytime.png

Mountain views from the terrace

Aaron and friends at night BBQ_7.2021.jpg

Relax &


Hammock_engawa_16-mat room_Renée.jpg
Mitsuba parking lot_Isis.jpg

Spacious yard and parking area

Luxurious yet
at-home feel of the traditional Japanese
tatami rooms

Many rooms
to relax, eat or socialize in

Guests love our thick, double-padded futons

Futon, kimono, guest, Mitsuba.png
Futons, 16-mat room, Mitsuba.png
Mitsuba bedroom 2 single beds_dressers side view.png

Large Living Dining Room

Living room_black table_sofa_buffet_Mitsuba
Dining table, sofa, side view~Mitsuba
Dining room_dinner set up_Mitsuba
Dining table_2023
Takoyaki made by guests_Mitsuba
Dishes, buffet cabinet, Mitsuba
Living_black table and sofa
Chinese dinner set up
Mitsuba Living Dining room
Dining room~view of kitchen

Mitsuba House
Modern Japanese comfort
for your next trip in Japan

Dining table_2023
Crib and high chair
King bed_brown cover_Mitsuba
Mitsuba_night gazebo and plants
Parking area with cars_Mitsuba
Entry hall, lamp, carpet, wood doors
2 futons in first 8-mat room_up close_Mitsuba House.
Breakfast_Mitsuba 6-mat tatami room_7 guests
Futons, kamidana, Mitsuba
Towel rack and onsen bags_Mitsuba
Twister, entry hall toys and books, Mitsuba
BBQ setting_Mitsuba
Bubbles and baby pool_Mitsuba_6.4.22
みつ葉邸|Mitsuba House
Mohara Family, Chiharu, Mei_bubbles_Mitsuba_6.4.22.png

“Renee and Motoyasu are the epitimy of what you hope in any airbnb host. Their true intent is to host you so you can experience all the charm of the area while staying in a space that has been prepared thoughtfully and well. We were able to experience the most authentic, blissful vacation of any of our airbnb stays here.
Impeccably clean space, all the amenities you'd need, and quiet neighborhood.
100% recommended!!!”

Jamiee and her family of 5

Sept 2019

Review on Airbnb

Guests eating MRS Gunma Eats Breakfast at Mitsuba.jpg

“It was awesome. The house is perfectly clean and spacious for a group of six. For those who are looking for authentic japan living experience, it is a good choice.
The hosts always gave us prompt replies and help. We could not ask for more. Annaka shi is an interesting place to visit. It's quiet and local. I was especially impressed by the produce market and a small train station where there is an old oginoya eatery of over 100 years! Just follow the guidance and recommendations of the hosts. There's lot to explore.”

— Christine & 5 friends

July 2019

Review on Airbnb


 Welcome to Mitsuba House 


🔅 旅館風宮大工作り貸切別荘 🔅





Private Lodging Act registration number: M100001920


🔅 Privately owned luxurious, historical vacation home


🔅 貸切でゆっくりして、疲れを癒しましょう。


🔅 周辺の情報から必要なアメニティまでおもてなし致します。


🔅 1〜12名まで宿泊でき、仲間と素晴らしい群馬県磯部温泉を満喫できます。


♨︎ 妙義と浅間山の風景でBBQ、近隣の磯部温泉などで癒されてみませんか ♨︎

✓ ガスBBQ2台〜機材および備品貸出〜屋根付きテラスで雨天でもOK

✓ 駐車場、WiFi、洗濯機とガス乾燥機付き備品無料で利用。

♨︎  磯部温泉に近い(1.6㎞)

☑︎ 東京から約2時間...JR磯部駅 (1.8㎞)、 新幹線安中榛名駅、高速バス、車 優雅な内装と広々とした外観。 

☑︎ 群馬と長野近辺の温泉、観光、休養や娯楽。

☑︎ 軽井沢・プリンスショッピングプラザ&スキー場(35分)、ハ