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Isobe Onsen area, Annaka, Gunma, JAPAN


みつ葉邸 民泊


MRS Gunmaで得た活力であなたの人生を元気に明るく取戻して下さい!

みつ葉邸は1977年によ建てられ、エレガントな伝統的な日本の家。最近改装し、キッチンからは浅間山と妙義山が眺められます。ダイニングの他 、3つの部屋はダイニングから隣接の障子をふんだんに使用した6畳部屋と8畳2間続きの16畳部屋で両部屋とも前面の障子を開けると大きなな縁側があります。そこで、リラックスしたり、メインルームの邪魔にならないように荷物を置いたりすることができます。3つ目の部屋はユニークで約10畳ぐらいのフローリングの部屋で桐ダンスがおかれ現代的なモダン的な和風を楽しめます。




Space to relax and play

Temple-like exterior

Parking for up to 10 cars


View of Mt Miyogi & Mt Asama




Like a Japanese inn (ryokan)

Private entrance to 6-mat tatami room

Tatami Room with Engawa



Dining Room

Where East meets West.

Low, Japanese "zabuton" (Japanese cushion) sized chairs, and two chairs for children,

Gas heater / Fan

Keeps dining room and kitchen toasty warm in the winter. Can be moved to the tatami rooms as well.

Fan for summer. 

Japanese Culture

Travel guides and bilingual books on Japanese culture.



Perfect for yoga, meditation and meals during the day

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to found MRS Gunma back in 2000. Since then, the blog has been thriving, and has quickly gained a loyal following. I invite you to browse my site, learn about my passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.



Enjoy during the day or night

Relax at the table with quilt and heating element underneath (kotatsu). Sit in the sun room area, engawa. Sleep on plush futons at night. Traditional Japanese inn entry way as well as doors to the dinning room. So convenient!



After a hot spring mineral bath, our guests deserve top quality futons. Even if you are not used to sleeping on the floor, you will certainly find these futons thick enough to sleep comfortably. Japanese traditionally sleep together, and put the futons away during the day. So, each room can fit up to 4 futons (3 with ample walking room).



Area between tatami room and windows. For guests to relax or keep their luggage.

Beautiful decor

Flowers and sacred items around the house.


Enjoy precious family time with board games.


Western bedroom

With Japanese furniture

Sleep with cedar chests and hand carved antique chest. With a sliding glass door with a view of mountains, you will surely enjoy your stay in this room.



View of the mountains

If you choose not to bathe at the local hot spring, you have the option of sitting in our bathtub with the perfect view of Mt. Miyogi and Mt. Asama. Just be sure to wash your hair and body outside the bath in the shower area. Bathing with a clean body is Japanese traditional manners and allows all guests to enjoy the hot water as there is a cover that can be placed over the bath when not in use.

Sink area by the bath
Bath with built in seat
Vertical mirror so mom can keep an eye on the kids
Can wash you hands with the fresh water from the back of the toilet
Washlet toilet
Spacious and storage for extra amenities
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