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*** 愛郷ぐんまキャンペーン中 きよみず邸&みつ葉邸宿泊大割引 6/30/2022 まで ***


~ 群馬県、埼玉県、栃木、茨城、千葉、新潟、長野、福島、山梨、神奈川県住民 OK ~

🌸 5th Lodging Campaign for the Aikyo "We Love" Gunma Project

🌸 4月の休暇を磯部温泉や箕郷温泉の宮大工作り貸切別荘で過ごせませんか ・1人にあたり最大7,000円OFF(1泊5,000円・キャッシュバック + 2,000円クーポン)= 一泊3,000!

♨️ Looking for a private cabin for an onsen vacation this April? Thanks to the Gunma travel campaign, our homes are a bargain...Up to 7,000 yen off per guest (cash back + 2,000円 grocery store coupons)... About 2,700円/guest. We offer an additional 2,000円 off for ALT teachers...So, stay for the price of tax, and receive a free breakfast at Kiyomizu House. 🌸


🏡 Kiyomizu House ⇨ Huge, sacred no-nail wood construction offers a peaceful reprieve. Free BBQ & nabe equipment. Complementary Japanese breakfast. Next to parks with cherry trees, Kyoto-style garden and Maneki no Yu Onsen.


🏡 Mitsuba House ⇨ Gorgeous Japanese Inn style. Heal your body and mind during a luxurious stay. Free BBQ & nabe equipment. Stunning views of Mt. Miyogi & Asama


🌟 Official Website (Japanese only...Contact Renée for details)

MRS Gunma 公式サイト

詳細&予約 🏡 Book your Stay on Airbnb

お気軽にお問合せください 😊

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

Motoyasu Sawazaki 📞 090-8490-4669

Renée Sawazaki 📞 070-3172-2110



♨︎みつ葉邸♨︎ 優雅な貸切別荘in磯部温泉: 山の景色・無料 BBQ・軽井沢より35分・最大12名

✰きよみず邸 ✰ 貸切別荘・広い庭で無料BBQ・庭園、公園&温泉の隣 ♨︎・最大16人

Kiyomizu House & Mitsuba House 🏡 Historical & Onsen Vacation Homes in the ❤️ of Japan




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