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Boost Your Immune System & Protect from Viruses! Grand Opening of MRS Gunma Shungite Online Store🌻

Girls’ Day Opening Special!

Give the gift of a strong body to you and your family. Your quality of life and future depends on it!

8% off the total price (including tax) until midnight March 3, 2020

Coupon code: GIRLSDAY8

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Clean your body so it’s natural ability to stay super well & immune system functions optimally +

Clean your environment, food and drinks so less damage takes place =

Happy, productive living!!

* Note about the Coronavirus. Doctors share that masks do not help prevent contracting viruses from others. They highly recommend taking measures to boost your immune system. Regular shungite usage is an easy way to help do this. Studies show that shungite has antiviral and bactericidal properties.*

〜 Sample study that indicates antiviral properties of C60 fullerenes 〜

* Boost your family’s immune system *

As a mom of two, both of whom have experienced anaphylaxis shock, I’m grateful for hospitals and EMTs in times of emergencies. How about protecting yourself and your family now from all the invisible toxins that can weaken their body and brains, and strengthening yourselves so you can recover quickly if something unfortunate does happen? WiFi in the air, chemicals in food, heavy metals in water, bacteria, viruses and more. Many studies on natural shungite and artificial C60 fullerenes, and our direct experience with MRS Gunma Shungite, shows that shungite neutralizes harmful elements in our drinking water, and alkalizes/mineralizes it, can protect us from the electrosmog of our “smart” devices, IH and cars, and supports deep and fast healing after damage has occurred.

  • MRS Gunma Shungite Body Care clients have been using shungite as a complementary tool to reach their wellness goals with tremendous success since November 2017.

  • Although we are now offering shungite for general wellbeing to non-therapy clients, if you have a specific issue you would like to work towards eliminating, please consult Renée: 070-3172-2110 or .

Learn the basics and benefits of using shungite water from our Facebook Live recorded video:

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