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MRS Gunma Tours & Retreats

In the Heart of Japan

Gunma Prefecture is like a large artisans' village ...

Museums, ateliers, shrines and temples can be found throughout,

and Kiyomizu House and Mitsuba House are in themselves

embodiments of Japanese art.

These historic properties were renovated with the needs of vacationers in mind, yet maintain the glory of their original architecture.

Immerse yourself in nature and culture.

Gunma is located right in the center of Japan.

It’s known for hot spring spa wellness retreats,

breathtaking mountains, fresh fruits and vegetables,

and, thanks to the long silk history,

kind and hard-working women.

A MRS Gunma Vacation is ideal for a family or small group,

and guests can enjoy all the best Japan has to offer in about a week’s stay without a rail pass or using public transportation.

Stay Safe ~ Stay Well ~ Stay Happy

Garden Bridge

Complete Care Vacation

Lodging + Local Guide + Onsen + All Meals = Carefree Vacation


While Kiyomizu & Mitsuba Houses are available for lodging-only guests,

we also offer complete vacation care services so you can enjoy the best Japan has to offer, stress-free. 

Your host & guide, Renée, communicates with you prior to your arrival to create a general activities and meal plan to suit your needs and wishes.

During your stay, our flexibility allows us to make necessary adjustments to our schedule and meals to suit how you are feeling during your travels. 

Who better to explore the culture and nature-rich region with than the owners? Motoyasu & Renée Sawazaki (aka MRS Gunma) welcome their guests as they would their own family, and lovingly escort them to magnificent places while allowing quiet time

so each can absorb their precious experience. 

Have your own private vacation home with the peace of mind knowing there is an interpreter and guide who will make sure you are well-fed and

enjoy various activities at a pace that leaves you rejuvenated. 

This is the unique approach to vacationing that we at

MRS Gunma take.

We welcome you warmly to our homes in the heart of Japan.

Each tour theme has a sample itinerary for

activities in the areas around each villa.

You can choose one, do both or a combination of two themes. 

If you are an expat, come explore a unique area of Japan with us.

If you are traveling to Japan, add a few days in Gunma to your tour.

Or, you might choose to come to Gunma directly from the airport, bypassing the big cities and Golden Route stops,

and spend a week or so enjoying the best Japan has to offer,

all in one region. 

During this pandemic we have learned that leisure

and connecting with self, family and friends

is more important than ever. 

We are committed to cleanliness and your health.

We welcome you wholeheartedly to Gunma,

and support your needs to relax, rejuvenate and connect.

Renée and Sandra at Lake Usui_5.23.22.png

Sneak preview →

of what you can experience

Three Mountains of Gunma 8-Day Tour

Renee profile photo 4_edited.jpg

"This is our signature tour, comprising the most scenic and historical sites at and around Gunma's majestic trio:

Mt. Haruna (Haruna Fuji), Mt. Miyogi and Mt. Akagi."


Three-Day Tours & Retreats

🔆  Gunma has so many sites and activities that are easily accessible, surprisingly affordable and never crowded.

🔆  MRS Gunma Tours are always private and completely flexible to suit your style.

🔆  For ease in understanding your options, aside from our main 'Three Mountains of Gunma' 8-Day tour, we have designed 6 thematic tours, each with two sample 3-day itineraries, one for Mitsuba House & its Surroundings, and the other for Kiyomizu House and its Surroundings. 

🔆  Even though these two vacation villas are only a 35min drive apart, they offer completely different experiences.


Browse through and see what peeks your interest for your bespoke Dream Vacation in Japan.

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